18 definitions by Slaa

If you are JALI you are fun, fabulous, fashionable, footloose, friendly, fascinating, forgiving, funny , family.
See that brunette , she is so JALI.
by Slaa October 27, 2021
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( Tall)(masculine) (playful) (charismatic) (playboy)
The girls were chatting about that guy and decided he should be known as a Sebastian
by Slaa July 24, 2019
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When you down in the dumps get Taylored. King of useless information. Happy to share the last ice cream.
That chocolate, loving, ice cream bandit , cricket watcher who is addicted to YouTube and soul music had me truly Taylored.
by Slaa June 23, 2022
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That persons skin tone is as white as (halibut)

If that (halibut ) isn’t careful he will burn.
Bake, fry or grill, the weather is (hot) .
Wow, I just spotted Sarah and Rob , sunbathing , he is so halibut , he might burn.
by Slaa November 13, 2019
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When the door and phone rings consistently after midnight makes me very mannoyed
Mannoyed by the door bell and consistent ringing makes me so Mannoyed .
by Slaa June 11, 2022
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When the diet is pushing you to your limit, frustration is high, speech slurred, irrational thoughts, brain fog and so much more, it’s definitely a case of gidabejajen
I was so committed to my diet my language of choice was gidabejajen.
by Slaa May 13, 2021
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Tall. Strong. Sexy. Powerful. Driven. Charismatic. Seductive. Impressive.
I’ve often wondered what is would be like to date MOTU................
by Slaa October 27, 2020
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