a small person who easily gets drunk or high.
if you weigh 98 pounds, you are a featherweight.
by abbiXcore June 12, 2005
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Someone who can get drunk or high off of incredibly small amounts of stuff. Usually a small person.
Dude! Sherry's passed out in the bathroom! Didn't she only have a quarter of a beer? Featherweight!!

Okay, Hannah, you better only have one hit. You're such a featherweight, last time you had two and you were stoned for days.
by afoxinsox May 7, 2010
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An obnoxious teenager who pretends to be blind-drunk after unwittingly drinking a plain Red Bull, expecting vodka or Jack Daniels to be mixed inside.
"Leah is such a featherweight, it's embarrassing!"
by Mr Ben February 8, 2005
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-meaning really(hella) easy

-so easy you can't use the term lightweight(meaning so-so)

Person#1- Hey man, how was the test?

Person#2- you know, that ish was featherweight yo, i bet i got an A
by KevoNate January 3, 2008
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female loyal to a significant other who is incarcerated known as a peckerwood
that featherweight featherweight rode out a 7 year term with that peckerwood
by A816K July 17, 2018
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2.Someone who is small/light
That guy is such a featherweight, I heard hes only 90 pounds!

Dude, I heard that he stubbed his toe and went to the ER! What a featherweight.
by teh ero February 19, 2011
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