81 definition by Sky

Those who listen to alternate rock, and do not dress to please other, and do not follow fashions like sheep
Alice In Cahins (grunge band)
Kut Cobain (grunge singer)
by Sky February 01, 2004

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side dish a girl or guy u fuck on tha side
is that ur man, nah thats my side dish
by sky January 10, 2004

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a word used in memphis meanin "it's over"
It's O.V. nigga
by Sky November 20, 2003

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ville valo is free-spirit.
...never close enough to his flame.
I adore his voice.
Nothing I desire more than a late nigth converstion till the morning arise, and i don't mean sexs, ladies.
by sky March 21, 2004

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A really hot girl who can't find a decent guy!
Friend : Sly, why won't u just go out with him?
Sky : Cause i won't just go out with any guy!
by Sky January 30, 2005

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...said of someone who repeatedly does things so dumb you can hardly believe it.
That Sam is a hopeless waste of protoplasm.
by sky December 23, 2003

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one, who thruogh the means of being a punk,gets the short end of the stick.See;punk,punk-ass,and bitch.
Bruce Lee,"What now,sucka'?"
by sky May 09, 2003

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