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n. Term coined by Homer Simpson; refers to a large jungle cat that can be trained to maul a person's creditors and bill-collectors if that person is short on money.
Leslie Nagle: Mr Simpson, you don't know how to handle your money; what you need is a financial planner.

Homer Simpson: Financial Panther, eh? (cut to Homer fantasizing about a panther pouncing on a bank teller who is telling Homer his account is overdrawn)
by Skip O'Potamus March 31, 2008

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N. Term coined by Oprah herself on her show but made famous by Joel McHale on "The Soup." Refers to the slang term Oprah uses for her own genitalia. The term can be used to refer to the ballsiness of female executives, or to Oprah's actual vagina.
Synonyms: "Mingey" (as seen on the classic episode of South Park called "A Million Little Fibers" which parodied Oprah's crotch and ass.)
1. Jen: "You think you can make partner at your law firm, Shakronda?"
Shakronda: "Hell, yes ... my brilliant briefs and my Oprah's va jay jay will take me right to the top!"

2. Oprah (swinging on a bungee chord harness) "My va jay jay is painin' !! "
by Skip O'Potamus October 29, 2007

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Make a pencil -- (v) When the toddler child of an ugly, pathetic single mom puts his arms over his head with his fingers pressed together into a point, like a giant pencil. The toddler's mom then inserts the toddler in this "pencil" position into her vagina for the purpose of masturbation, because no one else wants to have sex with her saggy cooter.
Poor Mary, no sane man would fuck her,
But then an idea struck her.
She said "Zack, make a pencil!"
"Be my hot-sex utensil"

Zack said, "Get the fuck away from me bitch!"
by skip o'potamus October 07, 2007

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n. The act of farting into a pillow, piece of foam rubber, or sweater, and then sneaking up behind someone and pressing into their face. A particularly vile prank after eating spicy, exotic food.
My cousin Flobert was being a little bitch, so I saved up a greasy taco fart, grabbed a cushion from the couch, and totally Nigerian Ambush-ed him.
by skip o'potamus September 25, 2006

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(interjection) Acronym for "Ask Me If I Care."

Pronounced "AM-EE-ICK"
Flobert: Look at that fantistically beautiful spiderweb!

Me: AMIIC, dude.
by Skip O'Potamus January 02, 2009

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n. 1. a sketchy loser who avoids daylight and hoards vast quantities of dirty, used porn. 2. A small subterrestrial rodent inserted into the anus for sexual gratification (used by those who have graduated up from gerbils.)

This term works well in limericks because it rhymes with "corn hole"
1. Flobert, who was quite a porn mole, hung out in his attic and watched "The Anal Nurse Scam" over and over.

2. Everything was going great at the gay sex party until Maurice's porn mole bit him and made him bleed out of his ass.

by skip o'potamus July 23, 2006

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n. 1. diarrhea. 2. any shit that is difficult or painful to contain.
On the long van ride, I had the worst case of butt quick, and before we got to the rest stop it was running down my leg!
by skip o'potamus July 16, 2006

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