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A Mexican gangster. Other definitions say this is untrue, and that cholo means only means mestizo. However, since this is an "urban" dictionary where the idea is to communicate the colloquial, everyday meaning used in contemporary society, the correct meaning is mexican gangster.
I was going to go to 7-11, but I decided not to when I saw the group of Cholos standing on the street corner.

by sirvancealott October 15, 2005
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A foul smelling mixture of dead skin cells, dirt, sweat and shit seepage from one's asshole, collecting in the ass crack.
I would have let Sara give me a rimjob, but my crack was full of ass cheese because I hadn't showered for days.
by sirvancealott October 14, 2005
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A penis shaped sex toy inserted into a woman's vagina for the purpose of masturbating. Originally derived from the common practice of women using large cucumbers to pleasure themselves. As in "dill" pickle or cucumber. "Doe" as in ananymous or a "john doe". Hence, dildo.

Also can mean a very dorky, nerdy, gay or annoying person.
She used her dildo every night while her husband John was out of town.

Everyone thought of Paul as a total dildo after he began reporting students who were smoking on campus.
by sirvancealott October 15, 2005
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Femail pubic hair which extends beyond the pantyline and onto the inner thighs.
Man, that fat bitch from Russia had some wicked old pussy sideburns.
by sirvancealott October 15, 2005
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Taking a sample is when you stick your fingers into your underwear and probe and scratch your buthole area and then smell the "sample".
I was feeling a little dirty and unshowered, so I took a sample and confirmed.
by Sirvancealott August 24, 2006
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