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An email that is sent from a female to other females due to it's "Ahh" factor. It's content can be cute, heartfelt or just overly soppy.
Debbie had a habit of sending around cute femails annoying all the gusy in the office.
by LorcΓ‘n000 February 16, 2009
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the art of replying and acknowledging mails (even forwarded mails) only to female friends and ignoring males
Mr.Alex only femails.
This guy only femails, he does not email.
by srini_cbe December 01, 2011
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Email - usually about nothing important and/or containing pictures of babies, cute animals, or other such schmaltzy stuff - from a significant other, sister, or mother.

Most men would rather die than read too much f-email.
I'll read it later, it's just f-email.
by zygo August 07, 2009
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important missive from your spouse taking priority over all else
you've got femail; she wants you straight home after work...oh, and pick up some milk.

Bob can't join us tonite, he got femail...
by neohippus July 10, 2008
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Noun: any spam email sent by women to women, targeted to a female interest group.

Dinara: Have you seen that email going around soliciting volunteers for the breast cancer walk and listing the top 10 annoying things men do?

Katie: Yeah, Lanie forwarded me that fe-mail yesterday.
by katiedrew August 16, 2007
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women who constantly check their email
Person 1 - "Jill is such a fe-mail!"
Person 2 - "I know!"
by Antoine Dodsun December 27, 2010
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When you are texting your friend who is male and he starts to talk like a chick
"k omgshhh that is so funny lollsz" said Craig
"Dude stop fe-mailing me"
by ryanpom January 21, 2009
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