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1. Originally used in Spanish to refer very specifically to a person of 50% European and 50% Amerindian descent.
2. Nowadays used to refer to any Hispanic person of mixed Amerindian and European descent, regardless of proportions. Sometimes even used as a general term for any Hispanic person of mixed racial origins.
3. Sometimes used to refer to the Hispanic culture of the Americas (as it is a mix of different indigenous, European and African cultures).

The cognate word in Portuguese is mestiço, while in French it is métis.
1. "Mestizo" was just one category in the very complex system of racial categorization used by the Spanish Empire.
2. Most people in Mexico, Central America, Ecuador, Colombia and Paraguay are mestizo, while in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay most people are just of European descent, and in Peru and Bolivia most people are Amerindians.
3. "We are one single mestizo race from Mexico to the Magellan Straits." - Ernesto "Che" Guevara
by backpacker_x2 February 01, 2011
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A Spanish word literally meaning "mixed" usually refering to someone who is mixed between Spanish and Native American.
Girl: That guy is fine as hell
Friend: Yea, he's a mestizo
by COMMUNIST_USA September 18, 2005
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A Spanish term that refers to a racially mixed individual. In Latin america. it means an individual of spanish and amerindian baqround. In the philippines, it refers to individuals of spanish, mexican, portuguese, chinese, american, african, european, and or australian and filpino baqround.
I am a proud mestizo repping da Philippines nd Mexico.
by T. Barboza t. October 20, 2006
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A Mexican or Mexican-American with noticeably mixed Indian and Spanish ancestry. They are roughly 50% Indian (aztec, mayan, exct.) and 50% Spanish (either southern or northern Spain). A Mestizo can also have a mix of other European ancestry such as French and sometimes German.

In modern times, a Mestizo's skin color can range from very dark or or light caramel. Many are observed to have black straight hair, and pronounce noses, and often are shorter. Mestizos have almond shaped and black colored eyes. Mestizos make up about 60% of Mexico's population.

Most Mexican-Americans found in the United States fall under this category, thus the term "brown pride" which is used often in west coast cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

At times Mestizos can be very light skinned but can have noticeable Indigenous facial features and tan very easily.
guy #1: Did you see they new guy at school?
guy #2: yeah, I think he is a Castizo
girl #1: No, dingbat, he is a Mestizo.
by closeyurlegsperusmellslikefish October 29, 2013
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A term that means "half-blood", by defintion half Native American (Aztec) and half White (Spanish). It was created by the Spanish when they conquered what is now know as Mexico. They were attempting to make Mexico The New Spain. During there time of rule they interbreeded with the Aztecs creating the race know as "mestizo". So that there would be any confusion with people who were fully Spanish(White) vs half Spanish(Native/White), the Spanish made the term to catagorize the three. Today Mexico is full of people who look like Native Americans but in all reality a every few percent are Native American, most are mixed. For this reason there are, as they call them, "white" mexicans because some Mexicans have more Spanish features, while most have indigionous features.
What's your race?

Oh, I'm Mexican.

Mexican is not a race it's a nationality.

Oh, um... then I'm Hispanic.

Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race.

Oh, then I'm mestizo.

What's that?

By defintion mestizo is a "half-blood" who is half Native American Aztec, and half White Spanish.

Oh so that means your too races, since there's only three, there's the Causcasian(White), Negroid(Black), and the Monogoild(Asian) that would make you both Monogoild and Caucasian.

No, because although we are both races we are only classified as Monogoilds due to our skull shape.
by The Truth. May 10, 2014
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Predominantly, person of White( Of southern european, Predominantly Spain, brown hair- brown eyes) and South American Native(Indian) Mixture.
Mestizo word pertain to a person with this mix that has a (1) heavy dark brown pigmentation complexion ,but round eyes( head hieght is twice as long as head width)(2) or light skin but showing oriental eyes as well as head bone structure( head height almost equals head width).

Those still considered White are,head structure hieght is at least twice as long as width with predominantly showing round eyes, regardless of complexion( very white to thin brown complexion)
Majority of the south american population.
Population also include many Blacks and well as many blondes.
blondes are mixed heavily with white and vis versa in Europe, ususally considered the same race(Losely, but not totally really)
Mestizo= White and Indian
Mulatto= White and Black
by rredstorm1 July 19, 2006
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Beaner, Mexican, you get the idea.
Immigration Office #1:Hey, he is crossing a border.
Immigration Office #2: Yea, catch that mestizo.
by WPWW June 17, 2006
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