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the best fucken person in the world
ozzy is my idol
by silent bob March 04, 2004
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It's great! It's booth and theres a glass between you and some chick. And she puts on a show for you for like $10.
After Jay paid the chick in the nudy booth $10, she put a show on for him.
by Silent Bob January 27, 2004
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One of the best movies ever. More movies related to this The Crow: City of Angels and The Crow: Salvations
The Crow was a kick ass movie
by silent bob March 04, 2004
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a shotgun
i shot the car thief with my shwoogblaster
i killed that dirty shwoog with my shwoogblaster
by silent bob March 26, 2004
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The guy that cleans up ejaculated semen from the floor in a strip club or similar establishment.
After Krazy Kate pole danced naked, the jismopper had to clean up the semen from the floor.
by Silent Bob March 11, 2003
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The whip used to destroy count dracula in the castlevania series, mostly used by belmont's.
Leon Belmont pulled out his vampire killer when he seen dracula sitting on his throne.
by Silent Bob February 03, 2004
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A boy/ girl who conforms to the stereotypical 'ooh look at me i'm a hardman from brixton' motto.They are narrowminded beyond belief, and believe that anyone who does not conform to popular culture (dresses differently, listens to Real music, not that rap junk or shameless wannabes like avril lavigne) doesn't smoke, or DOES have any ambitions beyond pumping jacks at a gas station or serving burgers at mcdonalds is a threat. A townie tends to target a victim's choice of music, when the truth that that townie music is truly awful, and devoid of any tune or talent whatsoever. To simplify it, rap music is just a bunch of losers with over inflated egos talking about themselves in an infuriating monotone over a beat that repeats itself 50 or so times. They do not have a life and waste their childhood hiding behind an image which they could never hope to acheive. Worst of all they glamourise their supposedly harsh lives, when really they're from the suburbs and part of happily married families. They love being sucked off by their bitches who they treat with no respect or dignity whatsoever, but the bitches don't have any self respect either, and therefore do not care how much cum they swallow. In short a nasty piece of work.
'I've been threatened by townies simply for WALKING in tjheir general direction'
by Silent bob April 05, 2004
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