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To mean that one is kidding, and to avoid getting ones ass kicked.
I'm gonna fuck your mother...snoogens.
by SANDBLOOM April 24, 2004
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your all wrong the definition off snoogens from the movie jay and silent bob simply means "Just kidding"
chris: i am sry matt i had sex with another man last night
Matt: noooooooooooooooooooo
Chris: Snoogens i only love u now lets play video games for 42 hrs strait
by Ross The Great August 25, 2006
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From Kevin Smith Movies; used by teh character "Jay" It has no real meaning but is just something you can say sort of like "all right!" or "yeah!"
Lets trash this place and tehn go smoke a bowl.

by noah May 25, 2003
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Another name for the back of your hand; since there is no scientific or technical term.

The term was coined on Saturday February 28, 2009... and should be used from now on.
"Man I have a bruise on my snoogen... it hurts"

"Don't bug me or I'll discipline you with my snoogen"

See snoogen slap
by LollipopXmmm March 05, 2009
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adj. a term which can have many interpretations but its most likely outcome is it being an situation or plan that is quite good, ergo it can be used in substitute of the word awesome or brilliant to greater effect to the reader or listener.

There are many other variations of defenitions.

I am unsure of the words origins but it is braught to fame by the movie Mallrats; after a most excellent plan by Jay. Hence, Snoogens.
"Okay Lunchbox, let's try this again. We tie you to the roof and you jump off and sail like a Spitfire passing right over the arch nemesis La Fours. You then swing up to the stage and knock out the pin. And when that's gone the stage is trashed and we go smoke a bowl. You got it? Now get your fat ass up there. And dude, don't forget your helmet. Snoogens." - Mallrats 1995.
by Nock_1259 June 11, 2006
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An adjective used to replace any other adjective when the use of the actual adjective is not wanted or needed for the use in the sentence that is being spoken in the present time of the sentence speaking when the adjectinve is not being used in the sentence in the present time of inproper grammar for the the sheer pleasure to confuse a complete moron in the state of moronicality.
What the snoogens is going on here?
by Silent Bob January 16, 2003
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