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Spew-it-knew-it theory says that students commonly retain a lot of information for an important test/exam but then mostly forget about it once they don't need to know it anymore.

Believe it or not this has actually been backed up by real research by Hermann Ebbinghaus.
Test question (short answer): What does the spew-it-knew-it theory say?

Answer: it means that once I know it I'm completely forget about it and everything else regarding the tested information.
by Sid Barrett May 11, 2009

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The excuse used when you're wearing something completely ridiculous that you would never wear if you had a say in the matter.

For girls this can be expressed as "My boyfriend gave it to me" or however you need to use it.
Friend: What's with the turtle neck, wool, brightly colored Christmas sweater?
Me: My girlfriend gave it to me.
by Sid Barrett February 15, 2008

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Diet pills are pills, taken like Advil or Tylenol, that supposedly increase your metabolism and burn more calories. Some diet pills get over people's psychological block that is holding them back from losing weight but the ones that really do work on your metabolism have been proven to be dangerous. Countless investigations by government agencies and high-ranking officials to private investigators have looked into the world of diet pills resulting in lawsuits, damage reports and in some cases the pressing of criminal charges.

A famous example of a diet pill and a famous model for it would be TrimSpa and Anna Nicole Smith respectively. Smith appeared in several advertisements for the diet pill ranging from television commercials, radio commercials and other forms of marketing. Her death was not related to consumption of TrimSpa.
Kim's taking diet pills? Wow, that's about the most desperate thing she's ever done.
by Sid Barrett July 03, 2007

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1. When you dip something like a chip into a dip such as salsa, take a bite but don't eat the whole chip, then dip the same saliva-infested chip into the dip and eat it. Wanna never get invited back to that person's place or party? This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to do so.

2. When you have sex twice over a short period of time. Normally this refers to having sex with someone the morning after you had a drunken hook up the night before, but this can also refer to having sex with two different people in the same night.
1. I wasn't thinking at all and George saw me double dip at his cocktail party. Needless to say it wasn't a good night.

2. A: Dude I double dipped last night! Amanda and Terri something like 3 hours apart!

B: OH SHIT dude you had an epic night!

by Sid Barrett March 14, 2011

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IM abbreviation for "what-so-ever".
-"U no the answer 2 #21 on the HW?"
-"No idea WSE"
by Sid Barrett September 23, 2008

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Emola is a highly infectious disease that spreads rapidly through humans and causes severe injury to those infected or even death.

Emola spreads quickly through humans although it strangely has a higher transmition rate in those aged 13 to 24. Anyone can come down with the disease but the elderly and young infants to toddlers rarely come down with it.

Emola is spread through shared needles, most bodily fluids including tears and in some rare cases emails or other forms of electronic communication such as MySpace, FaceBook, web sites promoting rock bands or online dictionaries that define terms in pop culture.

Symptoms of emola include uncontrollable crying, tendency to complain, tendency to inflict personal harm, tendency to cause property damage, addiction to social networking sites, addiction to the color black, addiction to rock music with high-pitched vocal ranges and heavy use of power chords, uncontrollable harsh criticism of anything for no apparent reason and may possibly lead oneself to committ suicide. Treatment includes many different options but mostly includes sitting in a nearly deserted room with no sharp objects colored with bright colors with a smiling psychologist from some big-name university or college sitting in front of you with just a table in between the 2 of you with a "mirror" on one wall and hidden cameras placed everywhere in the room.

There is no known prevention for emola at this time except staying away from people who have contracted the disease and cutting off all forms of communication with them.
I really hope Susan gets over her case of emola , she screamed at me last weekend because I wasn't wearing black and I didn't bring my pocketknife for her.
by Sid Barrett December 24, 2007

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A mowhawk is a strip of shaved hair going from the top center of your hairline at your forehead all the way to the center of your neckline.
Friend of GF: What'd you think of his mowhawk?
GF: I know he's on the swim team and all and they do weird stuff but the week before Senior Semi? He better shave the rest for pictures.
by Sid Barrett March 19, 2009

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