Shakira is the most beautiful person you’ll ever meet, she has an amazing personality and the biggest smile to be seen, she is a very loving person, and if any guy is lucky to have her then they need to make sure they keep her, she is a very kind person to everyone, if your lucky to know a shakira in your life then you might want to get close with this special person.
Guy1: “wow who is that beautiful person?”
Guy2: “that’s shakira, the most amazing person!”
by Welshy_Noha February 19, 2020
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A gorgeous girl who doesn’t see the beauty others see. She is truly amazing and one of the best friends you could ever have. Boys will mistreat her and she thinks she deserves it but she really doesn’t. She will someday find that guy that it right for her. You just have to be there to help her along the way
Ocean: Shakira your awesome

Shakira: no I’m not
Ocean: shut up you are
by Camden kids December 5, 2018
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one who's butt don't quit
Wow is that shakira. Yea her butt don't quit.
by Neal Patel September 18, 2003
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A sexy young girl tryna live life to the fullest. Shakira is one of a kind, and so is her name. She loves to dance, twerk, and grind on anything In sight. She is absolutely stunning nobody can take their eyes off of her. Niggas who grew up wit each other, and consider themselves as family, will be fighting for Shakira. Left and right, you’ll never get enough of her, EVERYONE is talking about how pretty she is on a daily. Some females who get jealous of her would try to lie about her and try to ruin her name. But, anybody who knows Shakira will never fold for that b.s. Shakira is blessed. If ur name is Shakira then u already blessed in life. Don’t start shit with Shakira, cuz you’ll just end up regretting it.
Nigga #1: That girl kinda cute
Nigga #2: U better not be talking about my girl
Nigga # 3: nahhh. Y’all goofy
Nigga #1: I saw Shakira first. Fuck y’all
Nigga #2: I Snapchat her on a daily tf
Nigga #4: istg shit is gonna go down if ur texting my shordy. U better not be texting my shordy.
Nigga #3: Shakira don’t know y’all or claim y’all. She wants ‘em with the paper.
Nigga #2: Who wants smoke wit me?? Who tf tryna start shit. Ohmylordd
( Niggas from across the street start running to niggas fighting over Shakira)
Niggas from across the street: Did someone say Shakira?? We finna bury this block, if any of y’all tryna claim her.
Nigga #1: we don’t want no problem. I’m just tryna explain to these niggas that Shakira is my queen, and she mine.
Niggas from across the street: wtf did u just say??!
Bang Bang Bing Bring Pow Pow Ding.
( Niggas from across the street start shooting, one by one blood splattered everywhere, niggas who just wanted to claim a baddie are getting killed. But somehow nigga #2 escaped with his iPhone 8 Plus about to fall out of his pocket, but he catches it in time. He runs to his granny crib 2 blocks away. He gets there, and opens his snap. He texts Shakira “hey cutie, how u been”. Shakira replies “all good, shordy”. He tells her that they need to link up soon. Shakira agrees and says u know what, come by crib. My momma ain’t home rn.
by Mali Niggas July 19, 2018
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Beautiful dark skinned girl, who can sing. She has a nice shape, all the boys love watching her walk away. She is very kind hearted, she has a great personality, she doesn’t like it when people take her kindness for weakness.
“Man forget everyone, get you a shakira”.
“All the boys stare at shakira, that’s not fair.”
by Million dollar walk December 4, 2017
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A young,sexy singer who started her career at age 13 and has been very successful ever since! She is an international icon who is half Lebanese & half Colombian. She is the only child from her mother and father's marriage and speaks three languages. Her first cross over album(Laundry Service,2001) debuted at #3 in the Billboard charts and released many hit singles! She is very talented and her talent shows because she can play the guitar, dance, sing, and play the harmonica. She has won many awards among them are a Grammy and 2 Latin Grammys!! This strong, independent female has become the youngest embassador ever. Although she has achieved many goals in her life she still has much to live for!!
International icon Shakira gratuated from High School at age 15.
by Manuel A. November 23, 2003
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A beautiful female singer and belly dancer born and raised in Colombia with a sexy accent. Very intelligent. Can speak like four different languages. HOT body. Looks cute no matter what her hair color is. The definition of a babe. Known for her famous songs "Hips Don't Lie" ... "Whenever, Wherever" ... "She Wolf" and "Waka, Waka." The only woman in the world that can be sexy without looking like a whore. A little shy in person but her smile and bright attitude can light up a whole room.
Man, those hips Shakira has don't lie
by Shakira Lover August 9, 2012
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