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A woman with a fat ass.
That is one JLo on your girlfriend!
by Si July 13, 2004
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Special effect used on the Batman TV series starring Adam West
by Si October 06, 2003
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Refers to a story that is an urban legend or total bullshit.

Based on www.snopes.com The google of urban legends.
"According to snopes Richard Gere and the Gerbil incident are totally false"
by Si July 13, 2004
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The best damn band on the planet, they pretty much are the only metal band you should here of, and if u aint, u shud bloody do somehting about it!!!! they r the best band in the world, n the kick arse!
best song's gotta be, "ghost of the navigator", or "the wicker man"

Go buy atleast 1 of their albums cos i got 13,
by Si February 10, 2004
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Ass bandit, packing the fudge, anal intruder
Mike packs the fudge.
by Si January 06, 2004
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Fuckbutter is the dried residue of cunny juice and cock snot you find under your rim after fucking some dodgy bird the night before
Damn, i need to scrape the fuckbutter from under my rim before i go out again tonight.
by Si August 13, 2004
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a Yorkshire slang term for an ecstacy tablet
do you want to buy a chikka from me?

i took 8 chikka's last night.
by si July 24, 2004
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