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After you've shagged your missus on a hot Summer's day, you're sweating profusely about the anal passage. You take a good swipe to clear the salty liquid, then fling it in the general direction of your partner's face. Hey presto, your bum's fresh.
You better go wash, love. Your boat race stinks but at least my bum's fresh
by ShittierJokes November 02, 2017
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When one's sexual desires have gotten so out of control that you end up slapping the arse of a statue.
Doc. My sexual urges have gotten so bad that i slapped the arsingtons of a statue whilst walking round London. I hit rock bottom.
by ShittierJokes October 15, 2017
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To soil one's undercrackers so badly that they have to be destroyed with immediate effect. This is normally 'achieved' by sharting too forgivably.
Errr darling. Can you go get me a clean pair of cacks please. I've quite shitterally soiled these ones.
by ShittierJokes October 15, 2017
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Basically, it's furniture that is used all the fucking while.
Wife: Hey honey shall we use the occasional furniture table tonight for dinner?

Husband: You mean that table we've used every night since we got it?
by ShittierJokes November 15, 2017
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A place on the side of a motorway or dual-carriageway for two beefy male lorry drivers to smash each other's back doors in.
"Breaker breaker - Horny-Shawnie here. Coming up to the gay-by near Marmite Superhighway. Anyone fancy a bum? Over and out"
by ShittierJokes August 06, 2017
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Quite simply, the 'anus' or 'butt hole'
Hi love. Fancy popping round tonight? I wanna take you up the marmite superhighway.
by ShittierJokes November 01, 2017
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The art of male grooming of the 'forest' area. Although mainly by posh gentlemen, can sometimes apply to a 'lady' with quite a forest patch which needs to be 'deknotted' or tidied up.
I say old chap. One simply cannot make lunch today. One has a man coming round to help me with my Urban Forestry
by ShittierJokes September 13, 2017
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