6 definitions by Shaunasweets

Slang for a trashy ho-bag with large breasts. Most likely they have, or currently, use meth.
Stephanie Tanner just showed up to the party with her meth tits.
by Shaunasweets July 06, 2016
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A regular make hookup (fuck buddy) that "cleanses" the vagina of random hookups and one night stands.
I need my cunt cleanser to wash away last night's hookup.
by Shaunasweets July 05, 2016
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The small bulging veins on a man’s stomach that can be seen when he wears low riding pants that say “hey, you’re almost seeing my dick.”
Do you see that guy’s dick roots over there?
by Shaunasweets August 10, 2018
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Referring to a woman showing off her breasts in a flagrant manner.
Cover those dirty pillars, this is a place of business.
by Shaunasweets May 22, 2019
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