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drunk and stupefied

most recently heard on harvey birdman: attorney at law

by dicky297 March 11, 2005
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One whom fingers a girl in her asshole by mistake while aiming for the vagina.
Brian: Hey drake did you hear what Nathan did??

Drake: No what?

Brian: He fingered stephanie in the asshole when he was aiming for the pink tacos!

Drake: Ah dude, what a stinko!
by Brian Colley December 22, 2006
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A stinky breed of low life pizza eating slobs.

An inebriated couch surfer that steals anything valuable in order to get by (i.e X-Box 360/ Apple TV.).
A person who drinks alcoholic punch beverages, then shits across your bathroom walls.

Co-owner of "Pawn Stars"
Stinko: Steals daughters savings to buy beer and pizza in a different province.

"Hey man can i crash at your house for a couple days (4 months later)"
"I got drugged last night"

"lets stab the pizza sauce out of stinko"
by NooU May 06, 2013
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Refers to one who has homosexual tendencies towards ones friends, despite being repeatedly informed that ones friends are not interested in such hi-jinks. A Stinko is also in heavy denial over the size of ones ass.
I'm sick of Stinko trying to feel me up and tellin me my ass is bigger than hers.
by Jemima Alareto June 30, 2005
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