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best pizza on the planet. this gift from god himself is a pizza restuarnt found only in california but they make the best pizza ever. the kitchen is right in front of you. they dont hide anything. you can actully watch them make your pizza from fresh dough. thats right, they dont even make it until you order it.
by SexyLexie August 24, 2007
something you need get a gf/bf. no matter how good you look, if you got a terrible personality, no one will want you
guy one: do you think shes hot?
guy tow: yeah, but she has the personality of a brick wall
guy one: so? she's hot
guy two: so is my coffee but i aint datin it
guy one: good point.
guy two: yup. only conceited sluts say good personality is for ugly people.
by SexyLexie March 16, 2007
you people need some serious help. a Kinder Surprise is a German candy bar shaped like an egg and with a toy inside. yummy chocolate but the toy is tiny as hell and gets lost easy
Oh shit i lost my kinder surprise toy
by SexyLexie June 12, 2008
fast food Chinese restuarant. delicious food and good service. kung pao chicken with steamed rice=yummy goodness
Mom: What do you want for dinner?
Me: Panda Express!!!!!!!!
by SexyLexie August 18, 2007
a really great cable company. very cheap, too. i have internet and tv cable from them and only pay $66 a month for both. the internet is really fast, and the on-demand feature is great.
Bob went to the video store to rent a movie but could not find it. I watched it on Comcast
by SexyLexie April 2, 2007
Greg: I wonder what Hulk Hogan would like like in a drag?
Bill: Brooke Hogan
by SexyLexie June 14, 2008
1. a guy's name
2. the dog from family guy
1. That guy in my class is named Brian
2. Did you see the episode where Brian owes Stewie money?
by SexyLexie August 20, 2007