21 definitions by SexyLexie

something ugly girls wear to look half way decent. they look ok with all that shit smothered over their faces, but once it's washed off, their faces hurt your eyes
I am naturally beautiful and therefor do not need to wear makeup.
by SexyLexie March 02, 2007
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cheap tranny who starred in the Transformers movies. underwent numerous plastic surgery to look hot and is beleived to be the "hottest woman alive" by numerous men. trying too hard to look like Angelina Jolie, and is actually not hot at all.
Megan Fox has enough plastic in her body to make 10,000 coke bottles.
by SexyLexie August 31, 2009
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one of the worst things to happen to music. a bunch of 11 year old fags that think they can sing, but nails on a chalkboard souns better. the only reason they got a record deal is because their parents have a big wallet.
and to make things worse, they have their own show on nickalodean
by SexyLexie May 09, 2007
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fast food Chinese restuarant. delicious food and good service. kung pao chicken with steamed rice=yummy goodness
Mom: What do you want for dinner?
Me: Panda Express!!!!!!!!
by SexyLexie August 17, 2007
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best pizza on the planet. this gift from god himself is a pizza restuarnt found only in california but they make the best pizza ever. the kitchen is right in front of you. they dont hide anything. you can actully watch them make your pizza from fresh dough. thats right, they dont even make it until you order it.
by SexyLexie August 23, 2007
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a woman that actually eats and doesnt throw up afterwards. way better than those anorexic bitches. no one wnats to hug a skeleton
Guy: I don't want no skinny chicks. Find me a BBW with more to love!
by SexyLexie December 11, 2007
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1. a guy's name
2. the dog from family guy
1. That guy in my class is named Brian
2. Did you see the episode where Brian owes Stewie money?
by SexyLexie August 20, 2007
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