The day the prettiest, most beautiful people on earth with the purest hearts are born. They are the most caring, nurturing, funny and gorgeous people ever. They have a tendency to make you fall in love with them.
"Dude she was born on september 27!"


"She is the one..."
by Cran hsif November 25, 2020
September 27th is the day where the baddest bitches are born. Point blank.
Katie- “She’s the baddest bitch, I’m jealous!”
Kim- “yeah I know, she was born in September 27th
by Onuma October 16, 2019
National Slap an Ass Day. Slap a girl, or guys, ass for one day only!
Oh! Guys, it's September 27! National Slap an Ass Day! Let's goooo!
by goppi September 27, 2019
It's the day which all the druggies , crackhead, weebs, e-girls/boys , gamers. Come out

In other words the Bianca's.
Federico: "Wot day is it son?"

Michaela: "it's September 27 you dumb fuck. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIANCA!"
by MikanBrokeKnees November 2, 2019
If you're born on September 27 you tend to fall in love with people who's name starts with "L" and they are long lasting relationships. Typically relationships started from the age of 15 on last forever for people born on September 27.
Yo he was born on September 27, I bet their relationship goes all the way.
by AdamWelkins October 24, 2019
Septemeber 27 is the day where you stalk you crush and write a huge diary about how you love them
Yay! Its September 27, time to stalk and write an amazing diary about him <3 and ONLY him.
by Cait <3 September 4, 2021
the day when the most saltiest french fry Dinosaur loving boy was born aka kei tsukishima💛💛🍟🍟🍟💛💛
friend :when's tsukishima bday again
me : September 27 dummy
by kpop & anime Stan February 2, 2020