Magically infused orb used in Final Fantasy VII's gameplay. Categorized into five different types: magic, support, command, independent, and summon. Must be equipped on weapon or armor, and the number of slots on the weapon or armor determines how many materia a character can equip.
by Eyeballflyball July 22, 2003
One of the best reasons to buuy FF VII,
Materia can be placed in the slots in
your weapons and armour.
There are five types of Materia:
Magic, Command, Independant, Support,
and Summon. Materia is made of
crystalized Mako energy.
Materia is the shiznit!
by person yo-yo August 29, 2003
Orbs that are equipped into slots of the famous classic RPG "Final Fantasy VII". they grant certain special abilities to the characters equipped with them.

Materia also means "matter" in some languages that derivate from the Latin. Which is the substance in which our universe is composed of.

I'm going to equip all of my good materia onto Cloud's slots.
by Frann May 28, 2007
When you run away from every fight in a game.
"Omg I can't believe that Jerald just did a Materia Moment" *Jerald running to other side of map*.
by ReelCheezyNerd May 16, 2022
A group consisting of the protagonists (and some allies) of the 15 current Final Fantasy games, plus the protagonists of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Type-0.
by The local Argentinian guy November 14, 2021