to have a penis the size of Secretariat's. 23 inches of pure czeckloslovakian manhood
Petr Nedved waited for his interview in the locker room and the reporter bowed to his schlong in pure respect.
by Bob Marino November 24, 2006
Nedved is a fine asfk man, he’s very funny but has a very different type of humor . But he’s the best and very loving and will simp over a girl .
Nedved is a simp
by Cupcakegirl11242 June 1, 2020
a person who takes people's myspaces, changes their password, and spams it.
omg steve, i just got hacked by nedved and now my myspace is phished.
by ralph dawkins September 11, 2007
The worlds greatest soccer player. He played as a mid-fielder. He also plays for the czech republic national football team.
by Incubusman June 13, 2008
A czech born player whos speed and skill will lead the rangers to a championship!
by Grace G. September 2, 2003
Nedv is usally a name given by god to his top notch humans. Usally a guy named nedv will be extremely handsome attractive and probably a genius in everything he does
Attractive girl: did you see nedv the other day?
Attractive girl 2: yeah the handsome guy right?
Attractive girl: yeah him
by Nedv May 9, 2020
-Broo did you see that dude?
-yeahhh he's Nedved
by Juzekjuwel January 18, 2023