15 definitions by Scoots

Something that is terrible, but the one who made/owns it won't shut up about how great it is.
by Scoots February 26, 2003
An imaginary version of a woman's hymen that is inside the anus of every gay man. It is "broken" the first time he is anally penetrated.
I heard Lance Bass broke his beymen last week. Guess who broke it. Joey Fatone.
by Scoots April 14, 2003
X, Y, Zed.
by Scoots November 20, 2002
A movie where acting is overdone and of poor quality, hence full of Ham and Cheese.
"Yeah, you see that new Shatner flick? It was such a Delicatessen Movie."
by Scoots February 26, 2003
When you're beating off to porn you are cursed to come when it cuts to a shot of the guys grunting, bright red, sweaty face.
Dude, The Grunting Face Curse struck again when I came all over the image of Ron Jeremy's face.
by Scoots January 23, 2003
To get your hand stuck in a woman's vagina while fisting.
Dude, I was fisting Rich Tucci's mom, and I wore a pink sleeve for 2 hours.
by Scoots January 23, 2003