15 definitions by Scoots

1) a poop fart combonation
2) a stupid person
3) something fun to say whille ur stoned
1) yo i jsut did a big poot
2) your beeing a poot face 100
3) poot magoot
by Scoots November 07, 2004
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1) from muscoot farm
2) a silly name for animals
3) something to say when ur high
1) "why are we at muscoot farm?"
2) "come here little muscootie"
3) "shit im stoned! scoot scoot muscoot!"
by Scoots December 15, 2004
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A Ricer term referring to Nitrous Oxide, a gas used to increase horsepower in cars. See "The Fast and The Furious"
"You're lucky that hundred shot of NAWWWWZZZZZ! didn't blow the welds on your intake!"
by Scoots November 19, 2002
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To get your hand stuck in a woman's vagina while fisting.
Dude, I was fisting Rich Tucci's mom, and I wore a pink sleeve for 2 hours.
by Scoots January 22, 2003
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An imaginary version of a woman's hymen that is inside the anus of every gay man. It is "broken" the first time he is anally penetrated.
I heard Lance Bass broke his beymen last week. Guess who broke it. Joey Fatone.
by Scoots April 13, 2003
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