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using caps or italics to indicate heavy sarcasm on instant messenger. When used in person, a high pitched voice and excessive head nodding is used to denote the intended italic sarcasm.
NcStateMark: Dude you're such a loser shutup.
Bosoxfanatic220: Mark. HAS FRIENDS.
NcStateMark: NOT RACIST.
Bosoxfanatci220: TALL.
by Sawyer April 9, 2006
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a word used to make even the most innatentive moron sound borderline brilliant. The use of the word indeed can speak volumes of unquestioned smarts, and can suggest that the user has a great, expansive vocabulary.

Be warned, the use of indeed may cause some people to feel uncomfortable and less superior in the users presence, intimidated by their free usage of the word.
Did you watch the village last night?
We did indeed.

Have you finished your algebra homework from section 9.4?

by Sawyer April 20, 2006
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A radar detecting the homosexuality of someone or something. Gaydars are not physical devices, rather a small part of the brain used to factor characterisitcs such as voice, actions, excitement and tightness of pantwear together to get a gayreading. gaydars also do not measure any kind of speed, so don't be an idiot and see how fast you can pitch a baseball with it, or you'll lose it.
So you guys, does derek really walk the other side of the sidewalk?
Well, my gaydar on him is through the roof.

I hear Jane bats for the other team.
Hm, she does have a pretty high gaydar.

Tellitubies have the worlds highest possible gaydar.
by Sawyer June 12, 2006
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1. claiming text messaging to be a form of activity.

2. seeing how successful a relationship might be by first excessively text messaging
1. Mom: Sawyer will you move around and do something!
Sawyer: But Mom! I'm textercizing.

2. So How's it going with Linda?
Eh, we textercize our relationship at this point.
by Sawyer April 22, 2006
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A new and hiptacular way to say hello! VIOLIN is said in italic sarcam, thus suggesting that you are indeed not actually saying violin, but chello (cello), a popular term thrown out there by young hipsters wishing to send a quick greeting.
BosoxFanatic220 (6:23:35 PM): VIOLIN
xo sau x3 (6:23:43 PM): haha whats upp

-Hey man.
-Whats up?
-Not a whole lot yourself?
-same hither...
by Sawyer June 5, 2006
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