1. Means to go somehwere

2. telling some one to come towards you; over here
1. lets go hither over there

2. come hither Jen, we don't have all night!
by ADD March 31, 2005
Meaning "here" or "there"; used in old days when beckoning someone; also used with thither
1) Come hither, Jenny! There is something interesting over here!

2) The sail on the boat flew hither and thither as the wind blew
by bmitzwizzard February 22, 2008
You missed a space somewhere. I think you were spelling “hi there” or “hit here”.
by Skikpsibob m father February 1, 2021
Tasha was totally hithered last night.

Oh man, that girl was hithered as a mother fucker last night. So it was only fair that I took advantage of her.
by NP2fast January 9, 2011
Being very seductive.
You have that come-hither look in your eyes.
by pato June 1, 2003
When a guy is fingering a girl, he sticks index finger in her pussy

palm side up, and does the motion as if saying come here, and in the process, fingers the cum out of her.
Baby spread your legs so I can finger u and make u cum hither till u shake.
by Noresun2noAmy2 December 13, 2021
This technique is a form of fingering a woman's vagina. A man or woman must make the boy scout sign with their index and middle finger, and then insert these fingers into another woman's vagina, palm up. As the the fingerer withdraws the fingers, they must curl them up, as if you were beckoning to someone to "come hither", rubbing the G spot. When combined with oral sex techniques, namely licking of the clitoris, this can be very stimulating.
"Yeah, keep licking me. Okay, now come hither me, too!"
by Gar-bear July 10, 2006