7 definitions by Saul315

probably where you were born, because you're so decrepit.
you were born in Mesopotamia; Jesus thinks you're old.
by Saul315 November 22, 2022
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Synonym for Q-anon
Q-anal taut mee abowt the irth and trump is God okay
by Saul315 May 16, 2021
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Someone from that one state in the middle that you forgot about.

Examples: Fred Astaire, Gerald Ford, Warren Buffet, Malcom X, Lucas Cruikshank (Fred Figglehorn), Jojo Siwa, Buffalo Bill, etc.
Nebraskans like corn a lot; they really do.
by Saul315 January 20, 2023
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He's there when someone makes music and puts his name on it.
DJ Khalid doesn't deserve the Bob Marley guitar he was given. He shouldn't even be allowed to touch it.
by Saul315 January 20, 2023
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A common greeting among the Scottish diaspora of eastern Bulgaria.
by Saul315 October 29, 2022
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