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When a group of people gather to smoke pot, or have a smoke session. Jeff is synonymous with Joint.
We went to the river for three Jeff Sessions today.
by Word to your mother. January 06, 2018
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84th Attorney General of the United States.
Former senator from Alabama from 1997 to 2017.
A guy whose real name is Jefferson :D. However, his middle name is Beauregard :(.
A guy with a surprisingly round head.
Secretively, a guy who smokes weed everyday!*
Some guy: Apparently, some guy called Trump became president and nominated some other guy for AG. That other guy says that good people don't smoke marijuana, so why was he nominated?
Me: Dunno why he nominated Jeff Sessions. Apparently, on the issue of drugs, The Donald isn't so incredibly in favour of liberty and freedom after all.
*We dunno if this is true or not, but given Duterte and fentanyl, I'll give credit to Jeffie boy where it's due, continue to smoke weed everyday, fam.
by Itz Rob February 11, 2017
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When two or more people of the same gender engage in sexual activity with each other while consuming copious marijuana.
"Jeffing" or "down to Jeff" or "doing a Jeff" .

"Last night at The Greasy Butthole Club in Denver we had us some real deep Jeff Sessions."

" Whose down for a Jeff Session?"

"What bruh? You gay too? You 420? Word we need to be enjoying Jeff Sessions together !"

"It has been weeks since my last Jeff Sessions"

" I have been know to go HAM in Jeff Sessions."
"Its weed and gay sex with you all day- all you ever have on your mind is Jeff Sessions"
by Connie Mac January 05, 2018
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A gathering of people smoking pot. First originated from the show Disjointed on Netflix.
I got some good pot here, are you up for a JEFF SESSION?
by Chris Watch January 12, 2018
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