one with an origin of fat ass. Has trouble sitting on normal sized chairs. Needs to sit on Nebraskan Chairs. Sometimes used as an insult.
"You're such a Nebraskan. Your ass belongs to Nebraska."
"Mom, I want to go to Nebraska"
by Nebraskansheepo April 23, 2007
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1. A plastic bag filled with wet corn that is used for Nebraskan sex, or fishing.
Trevor is using his Nebraskan condom to catch some spoonies at the river
by FfruitCakeE August 08, 2009
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An otherwise normal handshake from an incredibly brave and strong person (e.g. a member of the Coast Guard's elite secret special operations force) that in one motion pulverizes the receiver's hand and causes a chain reaction of intracerebral and subarachnoid hemorrhage leading to certain demise. Ability to give a true Nebraskan Handshake is extremely rare and studies show a significant linkage to the amount of scrod the giver consumes.
Congratulations, you just earned yourself a top spot on the list of people awaiting a Nebraskan handshake. I hope you're left handed because I'm going to grip your right hand tighter than your true love. And you get the privilege, of hearing your bones break before the power of embrace causes your veins to explode.
by Hamnose November 09, 2018
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The act of sounding whilst performing the intimate act of docking. The result is an projectile exchange of the object that has been rammed down one males urethra, into the other males urethra.
"I was chilling with my homie yesterday and was like 'hey why don't we combine our favorite past time of docking, with the raw power of sounding" and was finally able to recreate the Nebraskan Tugboat that my uncle taught me when I was younger.

"That sounds gay as hell"
"Nah, its ok, we had socks on."
by Dr.Didgeridoo March 24, 2018
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masturbating with a corncob pipe up your ass, ejaculating into the bowl and letting the the jizz dribble through the pipe into your asshole.
March of the Nebraskan Cornhusker:

Rally huskers, glory waits for you,
Rally huskers, show what you can do
Fight! forever, Oh! you team,
For the scarlet and the cream
by juan jorne May 20, 2010
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When doing anal with your partner, ejaculate in their ass, once done you get two graham cracker, more if necessary and then use the shit and jizz as the filling.
Hi, John would you like to make a nebraskan smore tonight? Why yes we are in college and need to do new things.
by zim the man February 15, 2008
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This requires early preparation. You have to take a shit(a good long and solid one). Once that is done, you must take it out and put it in your freezer so that it freezes to a stiff popsicle looking object. When ready, take it out and use it to pleasure your girl with it, in any way you want.homemade dildo
For some reason, I couldn't get a boner when my girlfriend wanted to have sex, luckily I remembered that I had a Nebraskan Corncob in the freezer.
by IvanCC October 19, 2008
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