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An overused gamerboy term. Using this term is now considered the most potent contraceptive available. Anyone saying this is guaranteed not to get any.
Everyone and his brother has uploaded a picture for "Owned", although no one cares about it and no one will see it.
by Satchmo II March 14, 2005

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The way a New York City cab driver says Pop Tarts.
Yo, git in da damn cah. An' bring wonna dem Pap Tats wit'cha.
by Satchmo II August 17, 2005

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Mixed signals, most commonly coming from the fairer sex.
We were in the club and she was dressed pretty slutty and dancing pretty dirty, but kept pushing me away. She really threw up the ol' green stop sign for me.
by Satchmo II February 17, 2005

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A place of business where a vast majority of the employees there are attractive females.
The IHOP, Woodman's, and Cherryvale Mall are all examples of poon palaces you can find in Rockford, Illinois.
by Satchmo II February 13, 2005

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Facial Hair. Pubes don't count.
Damn how old is Chris Pearson? That hairless little monkey can't even sprout any plumage!
by Satchmo II November 18, 2004

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A young man named David Sawdey, but only when his hair is jelled and swirly.
"Hey Crazimus, what's up?
by Satchmo II March 25, 2003

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It's "Super" backwards. Use it when you want to describe something that was super, but don't want to sound like a fairy.
Nice catch, Tim. That was repuS.
by Satchmo II December 23, 2004

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