Rockford is located in the central part of N. Illinois, it is the 3rd largest city in IL., with an est. population of 150,881. Roughly 25% are under 18 yrs, and 30% are 18-24 yrs. If you are between the ages of 25-44 you fall into about 23% of the pop. 45-64 yrs your looking at only about 13.5% of the pop. 35 yrs old is about the average overall age in Rockford, Il. This city is a pretty "cookie cutter" town that from what I feel is like Chicago's brother who is trying to be Chicago. Everytime you turn around people are talking about how they were just in Chicago the other day. Alot of people that I feel don't know who they really are. Manufacturing was huge in the 40's - 70's but has slowed down as the years go on. Job's are hard to find but not impossible. Property taxes are high, most of it goes to the public school system, public schools are rough, I went through them. Schools here are EXTREMLY mixed with different races and EVERYONE classified in one way shape or form. Prostitution, gangs and drugs are very, very big in this town. I am 28 yrs old and was born and raised here. I lived in the city of St. Louis for 3 yrs and it felt the same. Rockford works from sw-w to the east side. The further east / N. east you go, the better off, as far as gangs and outright on the streets drug dealing. Robberies of all kinds happen more in th center - east side. Top 3 nationalities, Mexicans, Blacks and Swedes. Like anything else in life, it's all in what you make of it.
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by Midwest2 September 2, 2010
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Not alot of things to do, but if u have alot of friends being bored can be fun with them. There is alot of unemployment and alot of drug dealers. Basically alot of crime. The suburbs probally has the lowest crime rate and the westside probally has the most. There is not alot of smart drivers so better look more then one time before crossing the street. Entertaining things to do are:go to the rockford speedway to watch races,go to the waterfront to listen to music and get on rides,go to wingding to go listen to famous bands,go to metrocentre to see whatever is there,or just look for regular things to do. There is alot of marijuana and cocaine. Alot of rednecks,african americans,and mexicans. Some like it some dont but if u live there u learn to deal with it.
Rockford, Illinois
by countingmoneyjar June 25, 2009
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The second-largest city in Illinois, Rockford serves as host to all the negative characteristics of a big city without the benefits. Overwhelmed by crime, drug addicts, and terrible schools, Rockford is surrounded by "podunk" towns and "the boonies" that mooch off the local mall and movie theatres. Rockford has nearly 7 exits off of major highways and has 3 walmarts, considered quite an midwestern accomplishment. Also the self-declared "screw capital" of the world, Rockford doesn't have much to look forward to other than failing factories and a dying reputation. Rockford is the biggest "small town" you will ever experience.
*Driving past Rockford, Illinois on Interstate 90
"Oh look, there's an exit for rockford? Should we stop?"
by THE ROCKFORD SOCK MONKEY January 18, 2009
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Rockford Illinois is a dumping ground in the center of Northern Illinois for every surrounding community's pedophiles and other sex-offenders. It has also recently made headlines for its corrupt and trigger-happy Police force who generally shoot first and ask questions later especially if you are Black! It is generally accepted by most who visit Rockford that it is a dead end and if you move there the property taxes and cost of living will drain you like a vampire drains the life from a victim and you will be Rockford's slave forever!
shithole, sex-offender, Jesse Jackson, corruption Rockford Illinois, Police Brutality
by RockfordSucksAssholes August 25, 2010
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city full of LOVE. everyone in the community is always doing what they can for others. nothing like friday nights at the city market with your besties and saturday’s at the mall. rockford might not have the best reputation but it really is one of the best places in illinois and is FULL of so much beauty!!! <3
by hello36272728 May 30, 2018
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