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the act of becoming clean and presentable. can apply to people or things.
"i am going to go get all hygienical for my date with alissa- i hear she puts out!"

"no- you can't come over- my house is NOT hygienical right now"
by sassy May 21, 2005
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Itch; excited; uncomfortable
"Hey Kels i'm getting kind of funchy in here!"
by sassy January 24, 2005
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cool from the ghetto
That is one hip hopin thugalicious dude!
by Sassy September 01, 2003
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ss12,sassyslytherin12, savior to those who have nothing, founder of the Find Jimmy foundation, Hiei is the Mack Daddy foundation, Gangsta Mafia,annoyer of Sooner, and all others who are stupid,also savior to all the n00bs!! Historical figure
Gangsta Mafia leader, is a historic being in the way of the people of da GM, defender of the free people.
by Sassy November 14, 2004
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This is what you say to inform others at a party you've arrived.
Ti-dow! Let's get this party started!
by Sassy March 25, 2005
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oh... a penis is... a whores best friend ! YUMMY!!
oh that whore sure loved that penis she was sucking on, oh right thats the only friend she has...L-O-S-E-R
by SASSY May 14, 2004
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To have sex
To fuck some chick
or to fuck a guy
when talking about a ho (but not always)
"we're gonna go Pile"
"did you pile her last night?"
by Sassy March 22, 2005
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