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That's me <3
I'm Sanae Katagiri
by Sanae Katagiri March 31, 2022
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A literal scam that is designed to waste your time and money. Once you pass English 9, you know literally everything you could possibly know about ELA (You know enough to survive after passing English 6). At least English 10, English 11, and English 12 are free... but College ELA? That is some bullshit you have to pay for. No thank you, I'll go take French 3 instead.
College ELA is a scam and a massive waste of time
by Sanae Katagiri April 5, 2022
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Otherwise known as a Dream, Jellybean, Meowbahh, GeorgeNotFound, or TommyInnit stan, a fatherus missingus is a lost child that doesn't have a father and hasn't touched grass for longer than a Love LIve! fan. A fatherus missingus is more toxic than a box jellyfish, and more annoying than Miku Maekawa.
Look at that fatherus missingus over there, making Dream x George hentai
by Sanae Katagiri March 31, 2022
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A fake sexuality made up by a bunch of fucktards because they were that obsessed with Dream. Guaranteed chance they're fatherless and don't respect Tommyinnit's wishes. Also, if they're over the age of 18, they're 100% a pedophile. And to top it all off, they're offensive to the LGBTQ community

Synonyms: Bullshit, fatherus missingus, fatherless
Miku Maekawa: "I'm a dreamsexual

Mio Honda: "So in other words, you're a fucktard

Miku Maekawa: *cries like a little bitch*
by Sanae Katagiri April 1, 2022
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One of the best sports cars ever made in Japan. Has an acceptable horsepower number, unlike the Toyota GayTrash86
"Damn bro, did you see that Nissan 370Z"

Yeah dude, it looks leagues better than your shit Toyota GT86
by Sanae Katagiri March 30, 2022
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A supercar made by Nissan since 2008. It's loved by 12 year olds and Ritsuko Akizuki
The NIssan GT-R is one of the 12 year old's favorite cars, along with the Toyota Supra and *insert Ferrari here*
by Sanae Katagiri March 31, 2022
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Political correctness is basically the reason why half of all jokes are "oFfEnSiVe" or something. I couldn't care less if you called me a pig (I'm a cop after all) but some 14 year old white girl on Twitter will get offended for me. Actually, that won't happen because political correctness has single-handedly caused cops to he hated on Twitter. People who follow political correctness also tend to be racist towards white people for whatever reason.

Synonyms: Bullshit, Annoying, Stupid
"Hey, did you know that Jessica follows political correctness now?"

"Yeah, didn't she cancel someone for being white?"

by Sanae Katagiri March 31, 2022
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