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"False Ringtone Syndrome"
The sensation one gets when he/she feels as if his/her cellphone is ringing/vibrating only to look at the cellphone and discover that there is no such ringtone, and the sensation was a false one.
You are hanging out with some friends or are in a situation where you are expecting a call or text. Suddenly you think you feel a vibration in your pocket or think you can hear the first few notes of your ringtone. You pull out your phone to examine it, only to discover that no call or text was ever sent to you. You have just suffered FRS.
by NickHamilton June 12, 2008
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Family Radio Service

i.e. those walkie-talkies that people use

have "2-mile range" or maybe "5-miles"
well thats in perfect condtions, in Kanasas where theres no mountians and rednecks still using thier CB radios...
no license needed. They usally have 14, 15 or 22 channels and are jam-packed with little kids and thier mommies and stalkers listening to thier conversations. Yet another stupid move made by the FCC.
by Adolf Hitler October 08, 2003
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An extremely powerful energy chew for athletes also known as freaking race status, provides user with amounts of energy insane enough to satisfy rabid tasmanian devil. Side effects may include growing mad with powweerrrrrrr!!! MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.. wait what? Yeah you get the idea..
Fred: Hey man, I'm really nervous about the race... How about you?
Fred: Dude, are you okay?
Fred: Forget it...
by Fyxa November 29, 2010
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