Used to describe something that is third in a list or classification system.

Follows on from primary and secondary.
'Tertiary education' in most countries refers to college or university education.
by phantom oddity October 13, 2005
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in Strong Bad Email 207, entitled "too cool", after eight years from watching Senor Cardgage 's character video, people were cursed by saying this word randomly in a sentence with exaggerated lips
Strong Bad said, "Aaaah! You didn't just say-- (with lips and a voice nothing like his own) TERTIARY?!"
by Dacoool August 31, 2017
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Things Douchebags say to thier ghetto friends to make them confused.
This blunt wrap is tertiary, i gots two more
by ill-sho-stoppa August 30, 2011
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An alcohol that doesn't give a positive breath test. Often used to drink and drive.
The policeman gave him a breath test because he had passed out from alcohol poisoning, but the test was negative. He must have been drinking tertiary alcohol.
by Chris March 26, 2003
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Where you go after the secondary location. The third part of a weekend bar crawl that begins with a power brunch and ends when better judgment kicks in.
Steve: Anybody down to go somewhere else?
Vivica: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Both: Tertiary location!
by The Fourth Roy March 3, 2015
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Basically, a woman’s asshole or anus may serve to be her third input, or tertiary orifice. A woman, being master of her own body, may deem whatever orifices she has to be primary, secondary or tertiary as she seems fit. For this definition, we have chosen the brown-eye.
Annabel was both eager and anxious for me to ram my wad into her tertiary orifice. Sod.”
by Slicematic August 13, 2021
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Synonym for "Top of the food chain," Used only by nerdy people who insist on abusing esoteric language.
1st Abuser of Esoteric Language: Yeah, we're going to be senoirs at our highschool/college.

2nd Abuser: We will thus become tertiary consumers.

1st Abuser: LOLOL
by morcatfrey August 21, 2010
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