A very common name. So popular in fact that people think of this name when trying to come up with a name on the spot.
Rodney: What's your favorite charactor in Harry Potter?
Kid who's never read happy potter: uhhhhhh Billy Bob Joe.
by YoshimiBattlesthepinkrobots December 8, 2007
billy bob joe is a name for you most people dont remember your name
hey kate i forgot my ex bf name what was it again it was uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh billy bob joe!!!!
by kikibob2 March 2, 2017
Billy Bob Joe is a chichen nugget from the Wondrous Journey of a Chichen Nugget. The Wondrous Journey of a Chichen Nugget is a book written by two peoples named Maddie and Erin.
Someone: Want to hangout?

Me:NO! I'm reading about Billy Bob Joe and Legend right now.
by Someone_Named_Bailey April 16, 2019
Billy Bob Joe II (The Second) Was Born In 1825 And Died In 1883.
Billy Bob Joe II was involved in the American Civil War (Apr 12, 1861 – Apr 9, 1865)
He was an Union soldier and in September 15th, 1862 he was about to go to the bloodiest day of the American Civil War, the Battle of Antietam. He backed out of the army and spent the rest of his life in his old family home taking care of his children and family.
Billy Bob Joe II (The Second) was an Union soldier in the American Civil War.
by historystuff January 31, 2019
Billy bob joe is the kinda guy that is a shweenie.
Oh that guy looks like a total shweenie, I bet he's a billy bob joe.
by Billybobjoeyo!!! October 19, 2017
a odd name only used in canada
hi billy-bob-joe-frank
by BIG-MACK July 11, 2008