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Melon Muncher is a term usually referring to a person of African-american decent.

The term 'melon muncher' is quite recent and is not widely used

Melon muncher is of coarse implying that black people like watermelons alot.
Damn, thats a lot of melon munchers!
by SHAD0WZOMBIE November 22, 2010
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Phone mode - When a person is unable to process enough data to listen and scroll at the same time, and the scrolling is apparently more important to them than whatever you are saying.
I tried to tell Uncle Jim about something but he didn't hear a word of it because he was in Phone Mode
by SHAD0WZOMBIE April 21, 2021
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Cock-Swaggle, pronounced: 'Cok-swag-gal', Is a term usually referring to a homosexual.

Cock-Swaggle can also be used to describe a loud, obnoxious, immature, greedy, or rude person.
your such a cock-swaggle! or, shut up you fuckin' cock-swaggle
by SHAD0WZOMBIE November 14, 2010
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Someone who is constantly inseparable from the another person's rectum.
Guy 1: That bobby guy is such an ass leach.

guy 2: Yeah, totally.
by SHAD0WZOMBIE March 28, 2011
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An excessively large, loud, lifted, or otherwise unnecessarily obnoxious truck, usually found in the southeastern United States and predominantly owned by white men with small penises.
Guy1: Geez what a greed truck..
Guy2: Yeah I know, annoying as shit.
Guy3: Our neighborhoods full of them.
Guy3: Soo greedy..
by SHAD0WZOMBIE July 01, 2020
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Holy Land, The area between your balls and butt-hole...Commonly referred to as the gooch.
Ow! I think a spider just bit my holy land!
by SHAD0WZOMBIE February 01, 2011
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Googarr, pronounced 'gu-gar' is anything undefined.

Googarr can be used in place of any noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, interjection, or conjunction.
noun: "Owe! You hit my googarr."
by SHAD0WZOMBIE April 04, 2011
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