1.to be in debt to or be obligated to repay.


to have (a feeling) toward someone.
I owe her for many favors

I owe ten dollars to my sister.


I owe you an insult

I owe much to my father.
by Ali ul azeem October 16, 2008
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Pronounced: Ow wey

It is used to describe the great pain that you feel when your friends roast the shit out of you.
Friend: Shut the fuck up your adopted.
You: Owe
Friend: I'm sorry man
by SexySteveFromMinecraft March 08, 2021
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used to emphasise/agree and/or add on to a comment that someone else has just made
ow ow manda u sexy biotch
A: damn shes HOTT
B: ow ow
by sexybitch March 08, 2005
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Q: what's your take on ows?

A: the eruption of the ows revolution is for sure a historical indicator that the popular democratic revolution that will soon sweep the world is about to begin
by duranjix October 08, 2011
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A word that has that possibility of having an endless amount of meanings.

It could either be a word or sound expressing pain, a word that is meant to flatter another, or simply a term that is used to embarrass someone else.

However - when it comes down to it, the words is virtually meaningless.

Additionally, it is the 'phrase' that Lil' Wayne says in many of his 'songs'.
Example 1:

Bill - "Hey girl, you look fine today."

Nick - "Ow, get it!"

Example 2:

A guy walks into a wall.

"OW!" (OUCH)

Example 3:

Jim - "Yo momma is so fat, she sweats in December. Imagine what she smells like in May!"

Random guy - "Ow, burn..."

Example 4:

Lil' Wayne - "OW!"
by Nick Barr October 26, 2011
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Youth all around the world want to get rid of unfair, corrupt extreme predatory practices of Central Banks / Federal Reserve / Wall Street / Goldman Sachs fat cats' domination over politics around the world.
OWS signs are Right-On.
by Youtharerighton October 19, 2011
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