670 definition by Ryan

the sound poop would make were it to come out of your mouth
HOOOOOPLAAAAHH (best said with a gay twang)
by Ryan March 07, 2003

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Basically someone who is high on illegal, very-dangerous drugs. This includes: LSD, Ecstacy, Methanphetamines, and other halcinugens (haluccinations). Acid trip is the result of an act known as "dropping acid"
This is also a lyric in the Eminem/D-12 song Under The Influence. That line is sung by Bizarre.
Bizarre: "I'm ripped, I'm on an acid trip; my DJs in a coma for lettin da recid skip, lettin da recid skip, lettin da recid skip...(DAMN! Turntable spinning) .....Fukin anything when im snortin.....
by Ryan August 16, 2004

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Ryan Himmelheber made woobla heard its a word of me saying woobla means nothing at all
woobla is ryans word.
by ryan January 17, 2004

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A creature of the green blob family, most closely related to the Ass Goblin . Feasts on the discarded placenta and uteran lining of hot american women between 14 and 50. Lives a fufilled life in alleigence with Dallas rock band Next Day Fight, forever engaged battle with its mortal enemy The YeastMaster .
That Pac-Menstrate bent that bitch right the fuck over. BaBam!
by ryan April 17, 2003

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a retarded way of saying idiot
man you are such an idgit you stepped on my dog
by ryan June 14, 2006

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The most Gosu playa on Starcraft eva.
Dude U just got PWNED by l(D_Orange
by Ryan October 23, 2003

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A stunna is a person, usually a male, defined by, but not limited to, the following characteristics:

Driving a car, often a Honda or other slow import, "hunched over," with the left hand at the top of the wheel and half the upper body well past the right edge of the seat.

Driving in the above described position with a visor hanging from the windshield.

Adorning the exterior of one's vehicle with useless body kits, vinyl graphics, company logos, wings, etc.

see ugly

Placing ice and neons in the interior of the car, and having a stereo system loud enough to shake a 2 block radius while being heavy enough to sink the vehicle to the bumpstops.

Wearing a hat, preferrably of "trucker" style, sideways and/or only half on the head.

see trucker hat
see von dutch

Numerous more exist, but the main have been outlined above.
Look at that stunna in the kitted probe!

That dumb stunna is trying to dorifto in his civic.
by Ryan July 19, 2004

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