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Yeeeuuhhh is defined as an exclamation you scream out when you have reached climax of intercourse. With this word, the pulling of your arm in a flexed movement is often used as well.
"Buster fucked that one chic on a sailboat, and went.."Yeeeuuhhh!"
by Roxy May 17, 2004

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Basically - you have spaz featres...and insult
Shut the f**k up spaz features!
by Roxy September 30, 2003

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ACE band,with fittest man alive,Conor Deasy, who I have MET, fronting.
Thrills rock live!
by roxy December 09, 2003

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the term ticktack refers to a mans
penis,ussally when their stuff cant hack it.girls would say he was hung like a ticktack.
ooooooo last night i had sex for the
first time,and it did not hurt,infact i did not feel a thing.
by roxy November 04, 2003

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Charva are opposite of hippie un goths (the lil scruffs) better then them. We like our drink as well; carling lager only the wannabes drink the white lighting and lambrini (euch!). New monkey is popular aswell; fukin class! People are only against us cos we've got money, kna how to live, have more fun and dress better then most e.g. hippies and goths wear baggy trouserswith rips in, dirt on bit trailing off the bottem.
course we wear rockports, henri loyds, fred perry; cos we got money to splash around. ROCKPORTS are a need like, i've got 6 pairs myself. You can always tell from wannabes charvs! We can also stick up for ourselfs, i'e' fightin if need so, especially with hippie now.
by Roxy December 15, 2003

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Sometimes mistaken for a grunger, into skating mainly boarding but can be inline. Doesn't necessarily have to be able to skate but the original skaters do. Baggy jeans, tops and big shoes.
Check out the SouthBank, London uk
by Roxy January 02, 2004

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A totally insane kick ass band. They don't get much better then FOB.
"Dude! i just got tickets to a FALL OUT BOY concert!! woooooaaah!"
by Roxy May 29, 2004

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