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Another unfortunate compound noun.

Thai + Irish = Thairish, reflecting the profusion of (at best fake and at worst real) Irish bars in Thailand.

Of course, is said by a native of that fair Asian country, it becomes Thailish.
Remember the old song:, "When Thairish eyes are smiling"? Well, it's often playing in half a dozen faux Irish bars in Phuket right now...
by Roo April 8, 2010
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Tym, a lowly being from deepest darkest essex
Timothy is such an essex gympasauras
by Roo January 13, 2004
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Evil arch enemy of Helenoid the Insane.
if the meek shall inherit the shit; well, nicky will do that and then throw it at your bedroom window. You have been warned.
evil nicky tried to kill me with plastic scissors and Tippex"
by Roo April 6, 2004
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to touch or grab someone's private areas in a discreet manner by concealing the action with a more mundane motion. e.g.: reaching across your aunt at the dinner table to get the salt while you nonchalantly grab her crotch.
i gave megan a sneaky uncle in the car while pretending to look for the road map.
by Roo March 26, 2004
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Sexpat (noun), an compound of sex and expat or expatriate.

A sexpat is one who participates in tourism with the express intention of having sex.

There may be a variety of reasons for this, such as:
less restrictive laws in foreign countries;
anonymity or privacy;
a preference for people of other ethnic groups;
financial reasons i.e. if one travels from a wealthy country to a poorer one.

However, by far and away the single greatest reason for the existence of the sexpat phenomenon is that sexpats find securing carnal relations with someone in their own country difficult to impossible to achieve.
Andy: I'm becoming fed up of Phuket.
Shane: Why?
Andy: It's because of all the nasty old ***man sexpats over here.
Shane: I agree. Shall we go to Patong and ogle some bar girls?
Andy: Ok.
by Roo May 30, 2005
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While the distance travelled by light in a year (a "light year") is a significant measurement, there is one that has greater relevance to most of us: the "shag mile".

The shag mile (noun) is the distance one is prepared to travel in order to have sex.
Imagined SMS exchange*:

A: I am quite enamoured with you.

B: I feel rather passionately disposed towards you.

A: If only...

B: ...we weren't so many shag miles apart?

A: Yes, but it's a measure of my deep-seated lust for you that I will travel around 150 shag miles to see you.

B: I'll be waiting on the bed with my kit off.

*The real exchange would be considerably fruitier than this
by Roo October 6, 2013
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Toilet, a place to defacate.
Swindon? I shalt not venture their Antonio, for it is a shite-hole populated by the ill-bred and feeble minded.

William Shakespeare
by Roo August 5, 2003
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