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A gelatin or "Jello" shot. Made by mixing the gelatin (formerly made of horse-hooves) with vodka or a smiliar liquor in place of water.
I had ten hooves and piss at the party last night!
by Ronamo December 11, 2003
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The hub of alternative culture in Atlanta. Located on Moreland Avenue just south of North Avenue. Highlights include Sevananda cooperative organic grocery, and The Junkman's Daughter Novelty Shop. Also home to the Variety Playhouse.

Sometimes referred to as L5P.
What's going on in L5P today?
by Ronamo December 11, 2003
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An unfortunate derogatory term applied to the elderly suffering from the later stages of such diseases as Alzheimers. It refers to the fact that they forget how to do simple tasks such as swallow, and so they chew their food and hide it away in their pockets or handbags, much as a squirrel tucks a bit away in their cheek.
The old lady was a squirrel. Pockets full of mashed potatoes, and handbag of creamed corn.
by Ronamo February 27, 2004
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Japanese tea made from roasted green tea leaves.
The hojicha's warm toasty taste filled my mouth.
by Ronamo December 11, 2003
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Diminutive nickname of the Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. So called because of the university's location on North Avenue in Atlanta.
I received my doctorate in astrophysics from the North Avenue Trade School
by Ronamo December 11, 2003
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A needle, esp. for injecting heroin into the bloodstream. May have appeared before, but common in Beat Generation Literature.
As the fuzz closed in, I dropped my spike in a nearby dumpster...The cat has grassed on me.
by Ronamo April 1, 2004
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Brit slang for having an urgent need to urinate.
Just a second mate, I'm busting for a slash, and there's a W.C. around the corner.
by Ronamo September 7, 2004
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