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a source of information that many take at face value. some truths are told, some are lies. im not saying all media lies to control us, but everyone has some sort of bias and the media does as well. learn to hear/read/watch the media and form your own conclusions, dont blindly follow and dont blindly reject because lets face it, none of us have first hand knowledge for everything.
by Rokai May 3, 2014
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Similar to whitewash but instead of making a character white the character keeps their same ethnicity but replaced with a lighter skinned version of themselves which is a sneaky deception way of ethnic cleansing people you see its whitewashing within ethnic groups masquerading as light washing slick huh? lml
Example for lightwashing

Aunt Vivian from Fresh Prince is replaced by a lighter skinned version of herself

Claire from My Wife and Kids is replaced by a lighter skinned version of herself

And Darnell from Girlfriends Maya's husband is replaced by a lighter skinned version of himself
by Rokai February 5, 2018
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Iralian is a person whose mixed with Irish and Italian
Man 1: What are you mixed with

Man 2: I'm Irish and Italian or you can just call it Iralian
by Rokai July 26, 2014
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Jewmish is a person whose mix with Jewish and Omish
I'm half Jewish and half Omish but I made up a new category for that it's called Jewmish
by Rokai July 26, 2014
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horrific means something terrifically horrible very bad, unusual, not good
this absolutely horrific
by Rokai August 6, 2014
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Britalian is a person who's of British and Italian parents
I am Britalian a mixture of a British and Italian family
by Rokai July 27, 2014
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guy1: hey you wants some churkey

guy2: sure
by Rokai August 22, 2014
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