the best person in the whole freaking world. true to her friends, and a beautiful girl inside and out.
A Thing One added me on FaceBook the other day. Fuck yes.
by roflings July 29, 2010
Something just worthy enough to remember, but the exact title has been lost. Usually a great friend will understand without any further explanation.
James: "Do you remember when we did that one thing?"
Robert: "And you broke your leg but you wound up getting that nurse's number?"
James: "Yeah!"
by TheGrainmaker February 12, 2009
For one thing, the air was damp and chilly, and there was no sun.

For one thing, you must work harder.
by Dennis April 22, 2005
Well you know just what you do to me

The way you move soft and slippery

Cut the night just like a razor

Rarely talk and that's the danger

It's the one thing

You are my thing
You know your voice is a love song

It's a catcall from the past

There's no ice in your lover's walk

You don't look twice 'cause you move so fast

You've got a dozen men behind you

You've got dead flowers on the floor

You're too pretty in the daylight

It keeps them coming back for more

It’s The One Thing
by I love you Maxim February 3, 2023
When you and that special someone go out and have sex on that day /.\
Will you have a one thing with me?
by Niggasmokeydabear April 10, 2014
The one sexually arousing thing, or idea that we all have that would be considered unusual in the eyes of general society
I don't have any room to judge because we all have our one thing.
by Heyitsj000 January 11, 2020
Lingo that is commonly used by Atlanta people when concluding a discussion.
See, one thing about it, I'm gonna be straight.
by Joy Joestar February 20, 2017