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An excellent progressive death metal band from France. These guys did nothing but tour late 2006 and throughout '07 by opening acts such as Machine Head, Annihilator, and Lamb of God. Their live shows are amazing.

They somewhat some like Mastodon but they so much more ass (coming from a Mastodon fan). Alot of their topics are about human intervention with nature and how it'll effect earth.

These guys are worth anyone's attention. Go pick up "From Mars To Sirius" Gojira's latest album. You'll get hooked!
You are a faggot if you hate Gojira.

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Kerry King (nicknamed KFK the guitarist/co-founder of the thrash metal band Slayer and has been with the band since it came into being in 1981. Kerry is an athiest and shows no interest in religion inside his personal life. He loves snakes and other reptile.

He and the rest of Slayer like to write about Satanism, Nazism, torture and terrorism because they take this material as interest in their songwork- which spawned alot of controversy over the years. Although they all DO NOT take this kind of stuff true to heart.

With complex, catchy, and utterly wicked solos by singles such as Raining Blood, Angel of Death, Dittohead, Jihad, and many others, KFK shows alot of talent in his work.

KFK also has an ongoing fued with Dave Mustaine who complained that he show join Megadeth and ditch Slayer (and insulted the band at that)
Please ignore that little dipshit; he just plagarized wikipedia's page on Kerry King so he can showcast his stupid, misguided opinion of him.

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1) Someone with a very open mind... it just happens that they are too open for their own good.

2) A swell way to become an attention whore.

3) A perfect way to waste away years of your life to find no reliable evidence what-so-ever.
Example: A classic 9/11 conspiracy-

Fold a $20 bill in half, then fold one half up perpendicular to the othe half, do the same thing with the other half, *BING*
You found the Pentagon burning down!
Now flip it, you see the twin towers ablazing (which is disturbingly similar though...)
Since the $20 bill's design was concieved in 1928 (over 4 decades when the towers were built), that's nothing more but a coincidence.

>PS, Conspiracy Theorist, haha.

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A bassline is musical notes and chords for a bass instrument that is put together in a song.
"Bassline" is not an adjective, you fucking moron.

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(Also see "bass guitar", if you're looking up the kind of fish, sorry)

The bass is a stringed instrument; they are modeled to have 4 strings (Tuned to E-A-D-G), 5 strings (B-E-A-D-G), 6 strings (B-E-A-D-G-C), and even up to 15 strings... although the usual bass you'd see have 4-5 strings (4-stringed being the basic).

There are two types of bass guitars-
#1 is the acoustic upright/violin/double bass (which is the size of an obese adult and would weigh half as much as one.

#2 is the electric bass which is much lighter, much smaller, and much louder than the double bass- which because of that, it replaced the double bass and the cello.


Compared to a regular guitar, the bass has a longer neck and thicker strings, making the frequency lower than what a guitar could reach. In technique, the bassist has to concentrate more on where to place his/her fingers on the fingerboard than what string to pluck. This would mean that the bass is easier to learn but is harder to master than a guitar.

Also, since the bass can produce a low level of Megahertz and if it's at a high volume, this means you can FEEL the rumbling every time you strike a note, and since that the neck is very long, it makes an awesome chick-magnet!

TAKE NOTE!-- Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT, abuse the bass by striking a few random, repeating notes and let the rumble do all the work just to get yourself laid. Grab some discapline and learn what it means to play the bass, get a teacher, be more intuned with your favorite music. I seen and heard enough halfwits in parties and the radio repeating the same few notes on a B-tuned string with a bunch of 15 year old girls watching, be more open-minded than that.
The reason why I love the bass is because it's an underestimated and underrated instrument. And the people who hate or think the bass guitar and bassist are worthless are either
A) dumbasses who don't know what real music is
B) tools who needs to take a fucking musical theory class
C) retards who think that the bass is an inferior form of the guitar (even though they both have very different backgrounds)

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Also called post-thrash, and as the name suggests, it's an extreme metal formed after thrash made its wave.

It blended heavy metal, thrash metal, and hardcore punk together and it came into being in the early 1990s thanks to bands such as Sepultura, Machine Head, White Zombie, Exhorder, Fear Factory, and Pantera.

Just like grunge and (eww...) rap, groove had alot of popularity. There are barely, if not no, groove metal bands that suck ass and any of them are worth a listen even if you are more into grunge or whatnot.

Groove metal was a MAJOR influence to nu metal. Oh yeah about that...
{to nu metalers}
Sepultura, Fear Factory, and Machine Head (ya know, major groove metal bands) experimented with nu metal during it's rise to popularity... however, they did not like their results when that happened and stuck with their old material. Where's your god now, losers?

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An anime series off of Adult Swim, has two seasons: Ghost in the Shell: SAC and Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd GIG.

The series receives its subtitle from a theoretical mental complex attributed to the adaptation of cybernetics into the mass public. In the story, 'stand alone complex' is said to describe copies with no original and is portrayed by copycat crimes with no original criminal or, in other words, an imaginary criminal. It also refers to the structure of each first season episode: each episode can be viewed independently of each other, and there is little catch-up (if at all) given in each episode to keep the viewer up to date (unlike many anime series). The individual episodes are discreetly marked either "stand alone" or "complex" in the title screen. The "complex" episodes are more closely entwined with this encompassing plot, and the "stand alone" less so.

Taking place in a fictional city of Japan called New Port City in the year 2030, SAC tells the story of a special operations task-force called Public Security Section 9, or simply "Section 9". The series follows the exploits of Section 9's agents who range from ex-military to ex-police to even ex-mafia as they address each case and how it affects them on a personal level, eventually leading to the mysterious figure dubbed by the media as "The Laughing Man".

If you like nice action, deep stories, utterly BEAUTIFUL animation, and rich dialouge, watch it on Adult Swim. Or better yet, get the DVD releases- Amazon should have them.
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex is all around cyberpunk and politics. It is not made for the close-minded group of people; take that retarded, grammar-challenged flamer below here as an example.

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