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From Sunderland AFC's record of the fewest Wins in one season, where they managed only 4 wins during the 38 game 2002-2003 FA Premier League Season.

In this Season they also achieved the record for least goals in a season, managing only 21 and a record low points total of 19.

"Doing A Sunderland" is used to describe someones failure. A total Looser
"He just never gets lucky, he's just doing a Sunderland"
by RocketDan August 21, 2005
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Someone who listens to heavy metal / rock. Dressing mainly in black but without make up, half way between a Goth and a Mosher.
Go + sher = Gosher

also see Moth
I listen to Korn and SoulFly, but i dont wanna wear makeup, but i like the black look. am I a goth or a mosher.

"you are a Gosher"
by RocketDan September 7, 2004
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Something that is stupid, abnormal or an hallucination.

Going west refers to loosing the plot and your grip on reality, such that you are no longer yourself. This will usually result from drug use, although it can occur folling an accident.
Sunny went west after he fell over a cracked his head.
by RocketDan December 21, 2006
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A tasty Alcoholic Beverage:

best served cold, in pint pot
1/5th - Port
4/5th - Blue WKD

this should taste like vimpto, yummy
by RocketDan September 5, 2004
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street name in the midlands, UK.

So fresh it has just been cut from a larger rock.
dealer: alright bruv, I've got some nice 'Ching off the Rock' for you

buyer: sounds fresh
by RocketDan February 5, 2009
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Coming from the know Fact Eco has a big penis. Although not as big as Donalds, Eco is still well hung.

To have a Semi-hard on.

see Donald-On
"I got a rush of blood, check my Eco-On laddies. soon it will be a Donald-On."
by RocketDan September 5, 2004
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to be a friend or buddy. "My Bwoi" from the word boy, but pronounced as if you were Jay-Z.
"Holla, its your Bwoi"
by RocketDan September 5, 2004
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