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From Sunderland AFC's record of the fewest Wins in one season, where they managed only 4 wins during the 38 game 2002-2003 FA Premier League Season.

In this Season they also achieved the record for least goals in a season, managing only 21 and a record low points total of 19.

"Doing A Sunderland" is used to describe someones failure. A total Looser
"He just never gets lucky, he's just doing a Sunderland"
by RocketDan August 21, 2005
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street name in the midlands, UK.

So fresh it has just been cut from a larger rock.
dealer: alright bruv, I've got some nice 'Ching off the Rock' for you

buyer: sounds fresh
by RocketDan February 5, 2009
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to be a friend or buddy. "My Bwoi" from the word boy, but pronounced as if you were Jay-Z.
"Holla, its your Bwoi"
by RocketDan September 5, 2004
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Someone who is Sick (in the) Head.
Hence Sick Head.
This is a person who tends to do crazy dangerous and slightly harsh things. This involves getting in fights and going crazy.
(See Jack Brett)
I wouldn't start on that guy he is a sick head, and will put you on the floor
by RocketDan September 7, 2004
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Very Fat girls, due to the fat they eat a lot of KFC and grip the chicken. It would be very hard to get your arms around a chicken gripper.
by RocketDan August 21, 2005
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Someone who listens to heavy metal / rock. Dressing mainly in black but without make up, half way between a Goth and a Mosher.
Go + sher = Gosher

also see Moth
I listen to Korn and SoulFly, but i dont wanna wear makeup, but i like the black look. am I a goth or a mosher.

"you are a Gosher"
by RocketDan September 7, 2004
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A tasty Alcoholic Beverage:

best served cold, in pint pot
1/5th - Port
4/5th - Blue WKD

this should taste like vimpto, yummy
by RocketDan September 5, 2004
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