to be a friend or buddy. "My Bwoi" from the word boy, but pronounced as if you were Jay-Z.
"Holla, its your Bwoi"
by RocketDan September 5, 2004
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bwoy jus another term for boy/boi
Lookin for a sweet bwoy
by leila November 1, 2003
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Idiot, usually quite young.
Nick: Terry's looking for you man, he's well pissed off!
Dave: I don't business! He's a bwoy, fuck him!
by Johnny Mindless August 28, 2007
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It's like a nigga that try and act hard and flex and shit, but inside they know they pussy. The term was coined by the infamous rapper Wesley LilWes Smith, known from West V. to Tampa, FL.
These fuck bwois ain't even touchin' me, I make more dough in a week than they do in a month.
by WeAintEvenPlay November 12, 2011
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ben is a batty bwoy
casey is a batty bwoy
casey fucks ben, they are batty bwoys
by you\'re all morons July 31, 2003
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originated in JAMAICA, almost always used to mean police (can also apply to opps, or group of men in general)

exists both in TORONTO AND the UK “slang” as a result of large Jamaican population.
“Ahhh man di bwoy dem shut down the party!”
“He ain’t bout that life, as soon as I run up, he gon call bwoy dem”
by b0dgy4l May 28, 2022
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