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Vodka based drink in the UK. People who comsume this are generally Women, Kids and Dickheads
Do you want some WKD? no thanks kind sir thats for Women, Kids and Dickheads!
by Useless1982 December 09, 2009
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1)shortened devowelled version of wicked as in cool/awesome.

2)type of alcoholic drink available in the UK (pronounced double u kay dee)
slogan: do you have a wkd side?
1) person 1: I just got the tickets for that gig next week.
person 2: wkd, wkd.

2) I like to drink wkd, well not really but enough of it gets me drunk innit.
by Lexy W February 22, 2007
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The official chav drink,

Alcoholic drink from the UK and now almost worlwide usually drunk by teenage girls and boys and chavs
Look at all the little chavs in the park sipping on their WKD'S
by Harry69 March 29, 2011
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Origional Blue Drink also comes in Iron Bru flavour and Silver.

A favourite for drinking lots of then having blue puke! Nice1
"What u having?"

"A Blue WKD mate"
by Dan November 30, 2003
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