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An ethnicity of people who have origins in one or more of the following countries:

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

Natives of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Puerto Rico are also considered Latino.

Latino is often used interchangebly with the word "Hispanic", although they are not the same. The term "Hispanic" refers to a person from any Spanish-speaking country, whereas "Latino" refers to a person from a country in Latin America.

A Latino can be of any race. For example, an Argentine is Caucasian, and a Dominican is Black. But they are both Latino.
I am from Argentina, so I am Latino.
by Robert Koehler February 10, 2006

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The best city in Florida; home of some of the chicos y chicas mas calientes in the world! Rated the 9th most dangerous city in the United States, due in large part to the area surrounding the University of South Florida, where crime rates are very high.

There are separate areas of Tampa:
-NORTH TAMPA is primarily lower-middle class Caucasians and Mexican-Americans.
-SOUTH TAMPA is primarily upper class Caucasians.
-INTERBAY, which is the area south of Gandy Boulevard, is primarily African-American and is another haven for crime.
-UNIVERSITY WEST, also known as SUITCASE CITY by the locals, is primarily African-American and Latino, and is the area that has brought Tampa to the #9 slot on the list of Most Dangerous Cities in the USA.
-WEST TAMPA, which includes the areas of BON AIR and COURIER CITY, is a primarily Latino area where not much goes on.
-CARROLLWOOD is a neighborhood which is technically in North Tampa, but it is home to the upper-middle class "yuppies".
-TAMPA PALMS is an area out in the middle of nowhere, almost to the Pasco County line, where a lot of rich people live because they want to be as far as possible away from Tampa because they don't want their precious children to be exposed to real life.
Tampa is the best city in the world.
by Robert Koehler December 23, 2005

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A talentless, gray haired man who won America's votes by dancing around the stage like a drunken idiot. The American public didn't consider that when they hear him sing on the radio, they won't see the hair or dancing. So, they threw away their votes and he won American Idol, stealing the throne that rightfully belonged to Katharine McPhee, Elliott Yamin, Paris Bennett, or Mandisa.
Taylor Hicks has no talent.
by Robert Koehler June 08, 2006

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A Florida ID is an alternative to a driver's license - it is an identification card issued to those who can not drive by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. It is issued when a person, usually a teenager, has waited a ridiculous amount of time to get their license, and has grown older to the point where they can't legally function without some form of identification. Therefore, they obtain one of these "Florida IDs" and use it in the same way they would use a driver's license for identification purposes.
Dat ain't no permit... dat's a Florida ID!
by Robert Koehler October 23, 2006

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La Toya Jackson is an African-American pop, soul, and dance singer, and the older sibling of music superstars Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. Known for her scandals throughout the late 80's and early 90's, and her re-emergence as a key supporter in the child molestation trial of brother Michael. She has released a total of 10 albums in her over 25-year music career; however, her highest charting single was "Heart Don't Lie", which peaked at #56.
Maria is a huge La Toya Jackson fan.
by Robert Koehler October 23, 2006

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An unreleased song by La Toya Jackson, which could quite arguably be the best song she has ever recorded. It was co-written by John F. Wilson, who also co-wrote the track "Love Talk" from La Toya's ''Imagination'' album.
Guy: Girl, you be illin' tonight.
Girl: Well all men be illin' anyway.
Guy: Shut up La Toya.
by Robert Koehler March 18, 2007

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A person from Tampa, Florida. Tampanians may be of any race or ethnicity but a typical Tampanian would be of Cuban heritage, tan skin, brown eyes, black or dark brown hair, and bilingual (Spanish and English). Tampanian also refers to the dialect used by the natives of Tampa.
I was born in Tampa, therefore I am a Tampanian.
by Robert Koehler December 23, 2005

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