Awesome T.V. show that airs Monday nights 11:00PM Eastern time on Spike TV. I highly suggest you watch the show.

The show also airs Saturday nights at 10:00PM Eastern time.

16 guys all want to become a UFC fighter and get a UFC contract, each week two guys fight. The loser gets sent home, if they get knocked out; the winner gets 5 grand cash in their pocket.
Can't do anything tonight; I'm going to watch The Ultimate Figher at 11:00 tonight.
by Tommy March 13, 2005
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Someone who pretends they are choosing a weak character than quickly changes to cheap characters such as Ken after his/her opponent has chosen their respectable fighter
Matt made Ian think he is going to choose Sakura but he swiftly moved his cursor to choose Ken after Ian chose his fighter, he has to be the ultimate street fighter dick.
by Changmachine July 5, 2009
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