he is the most amazing guy. he is loving and caring. everyone wants to be his friend or more ;) because he’s amazing. he’s so modest and hot as hell. he could get any girl he wants, but doesn’t because he isn’t a fuck boy and waits for the right person. he is so full of love and conpassion. and is amazing. everyone deserves a gannon, but sadly there isn’t enough of them for everyone.
Do you know Gannon?

No, I wish I did!!

I know right!! He’s amazing!!
by hello_hi_love_you July 9, 2018
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Displaying the face of your hand in front of you in a wide-set confident manner, alluding to the five-finger-blessing of THE Rich Gannon.
Did you see the Gannon on that guy?
by Irish_dawg00 March 20, 2013
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pirate ninjas that enjoy the following:

-speaking spanglish (the word 'tortuga' may be thrown around often)
-being completely BA
-being witty and hilarious

A Gannon is also:
incredibly attractive
extremely intelligent
the envy of all others
-"Did you see that amazing person?"
-"Yeah...They must be a Gannon"
by cokes o'gannigan October 24, 2009
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1) The final boss in Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo, 3DS, and Japanese platforms.

- See also: Ganon (Collector's Edition, Game Boy Advance, and Wii consoles)

2) A person using the "try force" method to achieve their (often unsavory) goals.

3) A private Catholic university in Erie, Pennsylvania. Home to the Golden Knights.

Not to be confused with Gandalf, the geriatric pedophile in a tale about homosexual elves and dwarves with learning disabilities.
James: I was only trying to get her to come home with me.
Andy: Calm down, Gandalf. She doesn't like you that much.
James: Whoa there, Frodo. What are you talking about?
Andy: Keep it in your pants, Gannon. She said no. Deal with it.
by Dickchinhairy December 19, 2017
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A subgenus of douchebag prone to creating 'wacky' urbandictionary.com entries defining their own surname with unimaginative adjectives such as 'studly' and 'witty'.

Distinguishing marks include:

-"Wacky" ties
- Tendency towards jokes based on advertising slogans
- Thinks others believe they "should definitely do stand-up"
-"Did you see this dipstick calling himself a pirate ninja?"
-"Yeah...They must be a Gannon"
by Darth Voorhees December 8, 2009
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Amazing guy, hangs out with Owens, Nates, Devons, Maxes, Emmetts, and Matts
Hey Gannon what was the homework? Page 339 1-5 28-69 Thx bro
by Ahyesenslavedname February 22, 2020
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