he is the most amazing guy. he is loving and caring. everyone wants to be his friend or more ;) because he’s amazing. he’s so modest and hot as hell. he could get any girl he wants, but doesn’t because he isn’t a fuck boy and waits for the right person. he is so full of love and conpassion. and is amazing. everyone deserves a gannon, but sadly there isn’t enough of them for everyone.
Do you know Gannon?

No, I wish I did!!

I know right!! He’s amazing!!
by hello_hi_love_you July 9, 2018
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Displaying the face of your hand in front of you in a wide-set confident manner, alluding to the five-finger-blessing of THE Rich Gannon.
Did you see the Gannon on that guy?
by Irish_dawg00 March 20, 2013
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pirate ninjas that enjoy the following:

-speaking spanglish (the word 'tortuga' may be thrown around often)
-being completely BA
-being witty and hilarious

A Gannon is also:
incredibly attractive
extremely intelligent
the envy of all others
-"Did you see that amazing person?"
-"Yeah...They must be a Gannon"
by cokes o'gannigan October 24, 2009
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Verb- To lay claim upon an otherwise open and available campsite or recreation area by setting up and leaving gear (e.g. tent, table, chairs) then departing, with the intention to keep others from using said location until the offender returns.

Conjugations include verbs Gannoned, Gannoning
We want this spot next weekend but can't stay until then, so we will just Gannon it.

Fuck! Some fucking Gannons Gannoned our spot!
by Umbraoregon October 24, 2022
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1) The final boss in Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo, 3DS, and Japanese platforms.

- See also: Ganon (Collector's Edition, Game Boy Advance, and Wii consoles)

2) A person using the "try force" method to achieve their (often unsavory) goals.

3) A private Catholic university in Erie, Pennsylvania. Home to the Golden Knights.

Not to be confused with Gandalf, the geriatric pedophile in a tale about homosexual elves and dwarves with learning disabilities.
James: I was only trying to get her to come home with me.
Andy: Calm down, Gandalf. She doesn't like you that much.
James: Whoa there, Frodo. What are you talking about?
Andy: Keep it in your pants, Gannon. She said no. Deal with it.
by Dickchinhairy December 19, 2017
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A subgenus of douchebag prone to creating 'wacky' urbandictionary.com entries defining their own surname with unimaginative adjectives such as 'studly' and 'witty'.

Distinguishing marks include:

-"Wacky" ties
- Tendency towards jokes based on advertising slogans
- Thinks others believe they "should definitely do stand-up"
-"Did you see this dipstick calling himself a pirate ninja?"
-"Yeah...They must be a Gannon"
by Darth Voorhees December 8, 2009
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