A professional, Dutch fighter/bouncer and former UFC Champion who believes not in "an eye for an eye", but "two eyes for an eye". The fighter has a medley of videos portraying workout routines, bar fight tips, and more. Known for his deviant sound effects in his vidoes such as "bang, bang, bang!" and "bung!" He is alternatively known as "El Guapo".
Words of wisdom from Bas Rutten follow:

"Okay, I'm sorry...BANG BANG BANG no I'm not."

"Of course, a nice little plate. Break it, and now it's a stabbing device."

"I'm gonna bounce his head on the table ten times or something. Doon't youu evver do thiis!"

"He tried to kill me. So, I gotta return the favor."
by peppy hare July 3, 2006
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