Hot, ready-for-it, woman. Sum1 you're likely to chop up wid, n when uve waken up, u ent like "omg it looks like a rodent."
Guna hit up some cantrells 2night blood.
by KLICK-C November 20, 2010
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In the game of pool, when someone sinks the 8 ball early or in an odd way. Usually when they sink the 8 ball on their last turn into the wrong pocket
Dude, you hit the 3 ball off the 8 ball banked off the side, jumped the 9 and hit the 8 ball in.. CANTRELLED
by borron555 July 11, 2008
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(1) Verb: The act of putting the 8 ball in a game of billiards into either the wrong pocket, or before you have succesfully made all other billiards. (2) Adjective: Describes one who is damn sexy in nature and is a straight up thug from South Texas.
Oh em gee! I won like 5 games of pool in a row because my opponent kept Cantrelling!
by The_Real_Cantrell July 11, 2008
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Plural verb of: Cantrell
-Slacking, half-assing, giving 50% but acting like it’s 110%, work haphazardly or from behind schedule.

Old English Cantrell ‘inclined to be behind schedule, haphazardly rushed or hurried’, of Kentucknic origin; related to Latin canfuxup ‘to rush’.
I’ve been so busy drinking beer and sitting on the couch afterwork, cantrelling the shit out of the racecar is the only way it’s going to be ready for the next race.
by rEmitlaer January 9, 2021
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a down to earth, hardworking, good-looking, tough, good-hearted person
Cantrell is someone I'd like to get to know and hang out with.
by Ratatuie June 18, 2008
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To make someone laugh so hard while eating lunch, it can be considered a full blown ab workout.
Troy's story about Tom's wife and her lesbian anthropology adventure had us laughing so hard I spit out my salad. he totally cantrelled me.
by grapesmuggler38 July 20, 2011
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to take a person's food or drink unjustly, often despite a good excuse
janie: mike, you always have your beverage in the library, the "NO FOOD OR DRINK" signs obviously mean nothing to you, im going to have to confiscate it

mike: wow thats a new record: four out of five days this week you've cantrelled my protein shake
by mike hunt92 November 30, 2009
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