10 definitions by Rob T

A great peice of Cinematic magic,
Welcome to Jurassic Park..
by Rob T September 16, 2003
A sentient Cyber-organic life form living on the Planet Zi. Mainly used for war or labor.

A Mecha from the Anime Series or Model kit line of the same name.

some sort of Golf club..
I'm going to build my Zoid Model kit
by Rob T September 16, 2003
(Adjective) Some one who does nothing
"Man you sat here all day and played video games? You're a waste!
by Rob T January 14, 2004
(Any part of the language)
A word that is over used by people of all colors. Especially used alot by people from New York, New Jersey (such as myself), unfortunately by bad rappers who cannot rhyme
Yo, Im from jersey yo. What you up to yo? Yo, you wanna flow yo? Im gonna bust yo lip.
by Rob T January 15, 2004
Watch you don't break a hip, you seem a bit frail and Fiorenza
by Rob T February 24, 2004
A contraction of the words chillin and layin. Used when one is layin on a couch doing nothing but chillin.
Girl: Hey what are you guys doin?
Milla: Chillin
Rob T: Layin
Milla and Rob T: CHILLAYIN!
by Rob T January 15, 2004